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a note in the wind December 10, 2009

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I fell asleep in the middle of the day and woke up feeling low; like nothing mattered, like there was no purpose.
I wandered around the apartment desperate for any glimpse of motivation. Then I saw my keyboard and I remembered: there will always be music; music is the only thing that matters.

[skip to Thursday around 6pm]

I kick off my heels after a solid afternoon of work. Oh yes, that’s right: WORK. This morning while I was sitting in my living room among hung over friends applying for more jobs on my MacBook I could smell the piles of trash in our apartment. A DVD of DodgeBall was playing on the television and my cats and dog were bickering. My head was woosy from a mixture of alcohol and prescription medications. A decidedly strong sense of helplessness mocked me with every emailed resume. Then around 11am, a phone call from an unknown number. To my surprise the caller was the owner of a small formal dress shop to which I had sent a resume some weeks earlier; I had completely forgotten about it. He briefly apologized for having taken so long to get back to me and asked if it was a good time for a phone interview; I, of course, obliged. We hit it off and he requested that I come into the shop and meet in person. The wonderful Lauren was kind enough to assist me in the hasty coming together of a classy outfit (pencil skirt, black patent pumps, Fat Robot top, crop asymmetrical jacket) and a quick trip to the mall to pick up some less terrifying gauges; I went for a set of swirling black and white 5/8 plugs.

Long story short: the world fell into place, I was hired on the spot. I have nothing but pure enthusiasm and excitement for my new job and my lately dipped hope in the world has been renewed to it’s former glory.

After training for a few fun hours of dresses and glittery conversation, I braved the cold completely unprepared. My fresh lack of hair kept my ears desperately pained. Being completely unfamiliar with the bus route in this area was certainly a downside. I stood on the side of the road at a bus stop for some 45 minutes in a small jacket and skirt in the darkness with no hat before the adrenaline of the day’s excitement wore off and the cold set in. Giving up on the bus I began walking my frozen feet in three inch heels to the nearest gas station (still grinning like an idiot).

I immediately purchased a large french vanilla machine mixed coffee and wrapped my poor gloveless hands around it.

The store attendants were jolly and I shared my happiness with them by telling them about my new job. I also told them about my failure and how I was frozen to the bone. They invited me to sit and warm myself at a table. I obliged without resistance and the male attendant opened a package of hot hands without request of payment, smiled and placed them in my red numb fingers. My digits eagerly accepted; I’ve never felt such perfect warmth. While I waited for my friends James and Audrey to come kindly fetch me, the attendants and I tried to think of each of the gifts presented on the 12 days of Christmas. We didn’t get very far, but it kept my mind off my deeply chilled bones.

When James, Audrey and other guy (sorry, I didn’t get your name, sir!) picked me up I was happy with the enthusiasm they shared in my good news of employment. These two have always been amazingly supportive with me, I barely know them, but love them dearly. I accompanied them to a local head shop in the search for a new water pipe and was delighted with the one they purchased. I’m looking forward to partaking in it’s deliciousness.

Tomorrow the band plays our first show with Bricker on guitar.
We have a ridiculously short set. It’s going to be fun.

Dear world,
I fucking adore you.

‘Sean is the king of the jungle; Fuck Simba’

We made dinner tonight. That’s backwards.
First there was an hour long expedition to the Hastings down the road that’s on it’s final legs of life. The shelves were cleared out and we found little of value.

Still, we managed to waste a lot of time wandering about the chaos. The three of us may very well be easily entertained; maybe we were just avoiding the incredibly uninviting cold that awaited outside.
Today felt like a million days combined into one.

After leaving Hastings and determining that our three little stomachs were empty we made the mistake of traveling to Safeway in search of food. A mistake, I say, because the excess of options left us weaving the aisles without aim for what could have very well been over an hour. I ended up with a loaf of bread, a Kit Kat, guacamole, two bottles of sparkling flavored water and corn chips. Now, my tummy is full.

Bread wars and giant pickles.


One Response to “a note in the wind”

  1. Chelsi Says:

    I’m so happy for you! That’s awesome, congrats on the job. I’m super excited and maybe I’ll come by sometime and give you a lift home to save you from the cold. :]

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