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cats are dangerous April 3, 2010

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A lot has changed.

I have been simultaneously in love and hate with everything. My brain has morphed; my mentality, perspective, thought process, ALL OF IT. The crazy has taken over and my personality has not resisted the coup in any way. The ship of reality has finally arrived and it’s time to get living.

I’ve formed big, big plans. All the things around me seem ordinary
enough, but you’ve got to look at them in a different light. All the
atoms swirling about the universe are caressing each of my senses almost
constantly. Now that I’ve taken the time, smoke and drink to adjust to
the madness it’s not so overwhelming. This is GOOD.

¡viva la locura!

I turned twenty-one almost a month ago and I’ve been drinking every night since. My head is always swirling.

All I can tell you right now is MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC. Very good things are not far off. An E induced night of friendly bonding looks to have produced a new set of skilled and mutually respected musicians ready to get drunk, get loud and run around in circles. Oh, the outlet! I need it.

My knees are bruised, but someone had to fuck up the metal pits. The show on Thursday raced by in a blur and shocked my ears by their oogling of low bass melodies and too slow drums.

The fashion is back. I’ll be sewing regularly again and am certainly looking forward to some crazy, creative shoots.

I don’t have the computer I used to, so updating has been tricky, especially for photos, but I’ll find a way so stay tuned. A god damn adventure is in the works.


4 Responses to “cats are dangerous”

  1. Desertkudzu Says:

    As a suggestion, you might think about networking your creative sewing work via the tricities digital photography club and through that, the local photo studio co-op called Studio 30.

  2. Desertkudzu Says:

    As far as I can tell, the Studio 30 doesn’t have a web site. I did google the name plus Kennewick and there was some info there but not much. They offer a free Friday sometimes to the members of the local photo club. You can find that at

  3. Desertkudzu Says:

    To save you searching the photo club web site, here is some more specific info.

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