Knotty Thoughts

thinking under the influence

a yearly exam (and no concept of time!) April 19, 2010

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I feel like it’s my job to exhaust my brain long enough to sleep and let my body recharge. So I just think about everything, all the time. I just think and think and think. That’s my daily goal, to remain awake until I’ve stretched a good bit of mentality to its capacity. If the goal is not achieved, I do not sleep. Sleep is a reward, but it also consumes so much time. I will make enemies with nothing tonight.

covering the metal face
of an American great
oh sir, T. Jefferson, I hoped you wouldn’t mind.
I will inhale
and I’ll hate the smell
next time, dear veins, I will not pass you by.

creativity comes to a T
in the desperate brain,
a hoot hoot with a funnel bottom
re-creation, all the same.

innovation, assist inebriation
fundamental economics.
and though it eats each cell
encourages reality to derail
I will continue melting dots
three by three by three
I will continue bending the spoons
my mother gave to me.
I will be vague in my descriptions
futile, I know! (you’ll just decrypt them)
I will enjoy though,
making you work
and play and taste and see
for all the things that have come,
so fucking easily to me.


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